Little things and hot chocolates

Today was the first day I was officially free from work. And boy, did it feel good. Today didn't feel like your regular weekend off work. My mind was relaxed for once, no longer thinking about doing, but rather, just being.

I Facebooked for a full, uninterrupted hour in bed this morning; I had a nice lunch with my grandma where I asked her about past boyfriends; I strolled through every aisle of the supermarket at a leisurely pace; I walked the dog twice in one day and also fitted in a jog. Little things.

It made me realise how much work can eat into your life and make you miss the really important stuff. The little things.

My dad told me how happy my grandma sounded over the phone after having lunch with me today. Just goes to show how something as simple as having a good chat over hot chocs and salmon salads can go such a long way.

Gotta savour the little things.

The City Bakery - New York City